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APA Referencing Changes: The move to the 7th Edition

APA Referencing Changes: The move to the 7th Edition

Student studying in rental home
Student studying in rental home

Charles Sturt University is moving to APA 7th Edition after 10 years of the 6th Edition, so now is a good time to adjust your referencing in your upcoming assessments for this semester.

You will be able to use both the 6th and 7th Edition in Semester 1, however you will need to use the 7th Edition from Semester 2 onwards.

The Fundamentals are still relatively the same, but there are a few subtle changes that you need to be mindful of.

  • Website URLs no longer need to be preceded with “Retrieved from” unless there is also a retrieval date – for example:
  • If you are using an eBook, you no longer require the type of eBook to be listed (e.g. PDF, Kindle etc)
  • Journal DOIs are now displayed as a URL instead of with the “DOI:” prefix.
  • The location of the publisher is no longer required for books or similar mediums, you just need the publisher name.
  • Up to 20 authors, instead of only six can now be included in a reference list entry before needing to omit others with an ellipsis.
  • For in-text citations, any reference with more than three authors can now be shortened to the first author and et al, instead of references with six authors and above.

Learning how to reference right is real handy for your upcoming assessments.

Getting referencing correct is just like riding a bike. Once you get it, you’ll be set. Make sure to download the Referencing Summary as well, it will help you out immensely for those pesky references.

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