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Seven hacks to dramatically boost your productivity in Session 3

Seven hacks to dramatically boost your productivity in Session 3

Student reading a book in a park.

1. Have a coffee and then take a nap. Seriously. This little combo will reboot your energy levels for your next study session.
2. Meditate. Download a 10-minute meditation from YouTube, lie down and let your mind and body bliss out. You will be refreshed and ready to hit the books.
3. Drink a mega-sized glass of iced water with lemon. This will wake up a sluggish digestive system and get you back on track.
4. Rather than spending your study break scrolling aimlessly through your newsfeed, switch it off and spend 15 minutes daydreaming. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but letting your mind wander without all the social media will boost your creativity and let those juicy ideas flow.
5. Put your feet up. Literally. Find a wall, lay on your back and put your feet up against it. Feel your brain be nourished by all the extra blood flow. This is a perfect way to reset when your energy levels are dragging.
6. Give your brain a break from the never-ending information flow and instead of podcasts, download and chill out with some classical music.
7. Go outside. Take off your shoes and go and soak up fresh air. In Japan they call this practice forest bathing and it has been linked with positive health benefits such as lowered stress levels.

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