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How to do Christmas on a uni budget

How to do Christmas on a uni budget

There is no denying that the most magical time of year is around the corner. However, as wonderful as Christmas is, the cost attached to this season can be daunting for us as Uni students on a low budget!

So, to avoid an empty wallet this summer, here are my top tips on how to celebrate on a budget:

– Change the way you shop

Even if you’re not an online shopper, ’tis the season to give it a go! You’ll be able to find some great deals online, plus it’s convenient and saves time. A good app for finding discounts and specials is Honey, which automatically finds and applies coupon codes to your searched item.

Another handy trick is to leave your desired item/s in your digital shopping basket overnight, by the next day a majority of companies will email you a promotional code or discount!

– Failing to plan is planning to fail

Make a plan in advance for Christmas, so you’re not pushing it the week before. Put away as little as $20 a month dedicated just for Christmas expenses. While it is a little late this year, keep this in mind for next year and by the time Christmas comes around again, you will be ready and extremely thankful.

– Everyone chips in

If money is difficult or you have a lot of family and friends, skip the individual presents and get everyone to chip in for a special experience. Whether it’s a nice dinner, wine tasting or a weekend away, your bank account won’t suffer and you’ll be making memories to treasure!

– Kris Kringle

This is the perfect option if you come from a big family! It means everyone gets one good present, rather than a tonne of cheaper ones. Set a limit that is achievable for everyone. In my family, we aim for $80!

– Don’t spend more on wrapping than on the present

Wrapping paper, bows and ribbons can add up very quickly. While they make a present look beautiful under the tree, most of it will end up in the bin. Be decisive about what you spend more on and utilise the dollar shop, Christmas warehouses or even DIY it to avoid spending unnecessary dollars.

Most importantly, remember to have a safe and Merry Christmas!

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