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How to do Christmas on a uni budget

There is no denying that the most magical time of year is around the corner. However, as wonderful as Christmas is, the cost attached to this season can be daunting for us as Uni students on a low budget! So, to avoid an empty wallet this summer...

Santa stocking must-haves for students

Smartwatch The smartwatch has gained popularity over the last few years, and for good reason. They combine the portability of a watch with the technology of your phone. They are a perfect gift to add to your student Christmas list. A smart watch...

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Buying gifts on a uni budget

It’s no secret that uni students are usually cash-poor and asset-poorer. It’s hard enough to find the funds to cover textbooks and fees at the start of session, let alone to fund your caffeine addiction or splash out on jugs of cider on Friday...

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Mother’s Day from Miles Away

Mother’s Day can be a pretty complicated time for everyone. Far from being the simple day of breakfast in bed and watching rom-coms while Dad made dinner that it was when we were little, Mother’s Day now means something different to everyone, and no...

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