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Santa stocking must-haves for students

Santa stocking must-haves for students


The smartwatch has gained popularity over the last few years, and for good reason. They combine the portability of a watch with the technology of your phone. They are a perfect gift to add to your student Christmas list.

A smart watch (depending on which one) will allow you to sneakily check your messages during a tutorial or lecture without disturbing the class. You can also change the music that’s playing on your phone without having to pull it out of your pocket. There are loads of brands that are compatible with both android and iOS operating systems too. Each brand might bring something different to the table, so it can be catered to your own needs.

If a smartwatch seems a bit too tech savvy for you, then consider a hybrid watch. This watch looks like an analogue watch, but has the health benefits of still counting your steps, calories burnt, and tracks your sleep. The straps of smartwatches are also usually interchangeable, so there is a smartwatch to suit everyone’s tastes.


Headphones are a must-have for every student. Christmas is the perfect time to upgrade from your tired and tangled old ear buds to a set of high quality headphones.

There is a wide selection of headphone sets on the market for you to choose from, with something technically and visually different to suit everyone’s taste. If you’re drawn to looks rather than function, headphones now come in a rainbow of colours and patterns for you to choose from.

If you’re after something more high tech, then look into a set of noise cancelling headphones. These will definitely drown out the sounds of other students in the library or cafe.

Say goodbye to the days of spending ten minutes unravelling your headphones and prepare to be blown away by a decent pair of headphones to make to your audio experience better than ever.


Whether you’re adjusting to a new climate or the dreaded ‘first year five’ has hit, uni students can outgrow, over-use, or just lose clothes at an impressively fast rate. Christmas is a great opportunity to take advantage end of year sales, or to sweet talk your parents into leaving you some new threads under the Christmas tree.

To get the most out of your gift, ask for an I-O-U. This way you can use it in the Boxing Day sales to give your summer wardrobe a makeover.

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