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Mother’s Day from Miles Away

Mother’s Day from Miles Away

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Mother’s Day can be a pretty complicated time for everyone. Far from being the simple day of breakfast in bed and watching rom-coms while Dad made dinner that it was when we were little, Mother’s Day now means something different to everyone, and no two mother / child relationships are alike. Some people have two mums, some people don’t have one at all, some people aren’t able to see theirs except in the summer break.

So if you’re one of those few people lucky enough to have a perfect mum who was always there to kiss your scraped knees and who is still looking after you even though you’re away at uni, make sure to show her how much she means to you, even if you can’t get home to serve her the usual menu of burnt toast and badly squeezed orange juice.

The power of a phone call

Never underestimate how much it can mean to hear the voice of someone special on the other end of the phone line. Show your mum that you care by not leaving her Mother’s Day call to the last minute. Try getting up early to call in the morning and let her know you’re thinking of her on the special day. The call again at night to check in and see how it went. Even if you two speak pretty regularly, calling just to make sure she’s okay and enjoying her day makes it extra special.

Straight to her door

One of the best developments of the modern age is delivery. Not only can you post a present straight to your mum, but you can send flowers, singing telegrams, balloons, the list goes on. To make it extra special, why not order her some takeaway and get it delivered – the fancy kind of course. That way she has one less thing to worry about, and you will earn some definite brownie points. Bonus points for creating a care package full of cosy pyjamas, chocolate, movies, and some fluffy slippers that arrives right on time so mum can truly have a day off.

The gift that goes on forever

What’s better than surprising mum on Mother’s Day? Surprising her every day! Or every month to be more exact. Subscription boxes are rising in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. You pay a fee each month and a box full of goodies will arrive at your door without fail. There are boxes for book lovers, cooks, artists, relaxation, and a million other special interests. Find one that fits your mum and it will be a gift she won’t be able to forget. Or, if you want to go old school, buy mum a magazine subscription for one of her favourites. That way, you are pretty much ensuring her some monthly relaxation time, and if you’re extra involved, you can pick up a copy too and chat about the stories together. Guaranteed bonding.

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