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Studying online as a new mum

Are you a mum studying online? Finding your study groove can be a bit of struggle, so why not take a break and read Dipti's advice to help you through this transition.

Stress less! How to time manage this exam period.

''Most importantly, use Notion to your advantage to always be one (or a few) steps ahead of the game and ace uni!'' Bryle Molina delves deep into how he has managed his time during exam periods with Notion.

Inage of the student portal on a laptop

5 cool things you can do in the new Student Portal!

The new Student Portal was released late last year, if you were studying over session three, you might have figured it all out. However, if you took a break or this is your first session at Charles Sturt read on to get the most out of your portal...

Parent and child at laptop

Planning online study when working and parenting

Online study can be perfect to fit around your other commitments such as work or parenting. But to be successful, it requires lots of planning and discipline, so if you are looking at returning to study while working and being a parent, read on for...

Smart ways to invest scholarship money

Receiving a scholarship could be of great help to any one of us financially! Studying and working at the same time can be tricky to balance and a few extra funds can go a long way. So, how do you make the most of your scholarship money? 1. Reduce...

Life hack: money saving

Everyone knows that students have very small budgets and a single dollar can go a long way for some of us. Here are hacks that I have used to save money on a daily basis: Loyalty cards: Most businesses have loyalty cards for customers that offer a...

How to make a uni budget in 10 minutes

It might be your first year at Uni or maybe you spent last year running out of money. Either way, getting on top of your finances before Uni starts will make the year a lot less stressful. 1. Make two lists Firstly, make a list for your fixed...

Good financial habits to start in your 20’s

Uni can leave you feeling the pinch of many costs and fees, including the pressure to save for your future – but never fear, many of your fellow uni students are in the same boat. While your 20’s is the time of your life to have fun, it is...

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