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Academic Senate: Do you have what it takes?

Would you like to have your say on what goes on within the teaching and research areas at CSU? Do you feel you can make CSU a better place to learn and explore? If this sounds like you, we have the perfect position for you.

CSU says NO to illegal downloads

The new episode of Pretty Little Liars just aired in the US, but you can’t possibly wait that agonising 24 hours for it to be released in OZ… Your solution? “Oh I’ll just download it right?” – Wrong!

So your child is moving away for uni…?

As far as milestones go, having your child move away from the family home for study is pretty major. If your child is planning to study at CSU next year and you’re already feeling nervous about it all, then take a deep breath and read on for...

Graduation grants up for grabs!

Graduating this December? I suggest you hurry on up and apply for the CSU Graduation Equity Grant, which closes on Sunday 6 December!! (tick-tock-tick-tock) This handy source of cash is designed to assist graduating students of 2015 with some of...

Indigenous Student Success: Be the best you can be

If you’re an Indigenous Student at CSU, listen up! CSU’s Indigenous Student Success Program (ISSP), formally known as ITAS, is here to support your success throughout the course of your studies. Why should you get involved with the ISSP? There are...

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