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Amazing overseas study opportunities for 2017

CSU Global are offering three new overseas study opportunities for 2017. The programs will allow students to immerse themselves in new cultures and traditions, while ticking some exciting travel destinations off the bucket list. Each program is...

Surviving Uni With A Mental Illness

Disclaimer: In no way, shape, or form is this medical advice. I am not a medical professional. This article is based on personal experience and the experiences of people I know.  Keep in contact with your doctor If you’ve been diagnosed with a...

Quickie tutorial: how to find your exam timetable

The end of session is fast approaching and everyone is very busy finishing off final assessments / procrastinating / prepping for exams, in order to achieve some stellar marks. As a student, it is really, REALLY important to record the dates and...

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Best Things About A Smaller Uni

It’s no secret that CSU isn’t the biggest uni out there. But while it isn’t the largest uni, CSU has loads to offer that other Aussie universities are lacking. After you begin studying at CSU, you’ll soon come to realise that...

Why you should consider contributing to Charlie

As I sit at the computer writing this, I am feeling a mix of emotions (mainly denial) as today marks the end of an era… Ladies and Gentlemen – after four long, crazy, stressful and ultimately rewarding years, I am officially graduating!

Dear HSC results - come at me bro.


By Emily Foy-Brown After years of boring material (I’m talking to you algebra – WHY DO YOU EVEN EXIST?), trying to stay awake in class, highlighting textbooks in their entirety, homework (or excuses) and of course the hormonal friends...

Academic Senate: Do you have what it takes?

Would you like to have your say on what goes on within the teaching and research areas at CSU? Do you feel you can make CSU a better place to learn and explore? If this sounds like you, we have the perfect position for you.

CSU says NO to illegal downloads

The new episode of Pretty Little Liars just aired in the US, but you can’t possibly wait that agonising 24 hours for it to be released in OZ… Your solution? “Oh I’ll just download it right?” – Wrong!

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