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What is your lecturer doing over summer? Building your course

What is your lecturer doing over summer? Building your course

CSU has a wide variety of courses that are spread over quite a few campuses. With continually changing technology and a growing demand for new and accurate information, lecturers need to be sure course content is right up to scratch.

Have you ever wondered who creates new courses or updates current ones? It’s probably someone you’ve already been taught by.

Bruce Gater, lecturer at CSU in Wagga Wagga, has spent the past two and a half years creating a brand new Multiplatform Producing course.

What is it?

The course focuses on utilising a combination of existing and new subjects from our current creative industry offerings. It’s targeted at an emerging professional demographic who could best be described as creators and innovators of entertainment content.

What’s the purpose?

The new course concentrates on the need for diversity in storytelling in an age where social media plays a bigger role than ever in producing and distributing content. The creative industry has transcended into a participatory culture which simply means interacting with your audience.

What is Multiplatform Producing?

Multiplatform Producing means producing content that interacts with an audience and allowing them to respond through different platforms. A good example is Facebook.

Although this concept might be hard to grasp, what must be remembered is that it’s based on storytelling. The platforms for these stories could then be radio, blogging, video, cartoons and more.

How do you create a new course?

The amount of work that goes into creating a new course is often underappreciated and may not be well-recognised by the student body. If you think about how hard your assignments can be, try thinking of actually designing them. Along with every lecture and tutorial. And exam. And module. And reading. The list goes on.

As well as a lot of researching, it involves convincing people that it’s worthwhile, meaning your research has to be accurate.

The first step is having an external advisory panel appointed. For this course, it was made up of academics and TV Producers. The project then goes to the School Executive Committee, onto the faculty, and then to the University Course Committee.

For example, the proposal for this course back for revision, and was then resubmitted to the faculty for final approval. This all happens before you even start developing the curriculum.

Check out the launch video for the course here:

If you’re looking to enrol or want to read up on the new course, head to the course information page.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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