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Best Things About A Smaller Uni

Best Things About A Smaller Uni

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It’s no secret that CSU isn’t the biggest uni out there. But while it isn’t the largest uni, CSU has loads to offer that other Aussie universities are lacking. After you begin studying at CSU, you’ll soon come to realise that the small uni life is a unique experience, but one you wouldn’t change for the world.

Class Sizes

The first thing you’ll notice about a smaller uni is the smaller class sizes. And while, yes, this does mean that you won’t have to fight for a seat or struggle to see what’s going on at the front, there are also some more serious benefits for your education. Small classes mean you have more of an opportunity to ask questions, engage with the other people in your class, and get help from your professor if you need it.

Professor Relationships

The large amount of time you get to spend with your professor is yet another perk of attending a uni like CSU. It means that your professor will actually learn your name, be able to chat to you after class about assignments (or the nerdy obsessions you have in common). You’ll find that the professors at CSU genuinely want you to succeed, and will do everything they can to help you achieve your academic and personal goals.

Friends Everywhere

Both the size of the CSU campuses and the numbers of the CSU population transform an otherwise daunting uni campus into an extended social circle. It’s impossible to be on campus without seeing a friend you know from class, from home, or from a uni night out. This means that you’ll probably never have to eat lunch alone, and will always have someone to vent to about a lecture that just seemed to drag on forever.

Clubs and Teams

CSU has a huge range of clubs and teams, perhaps more than you would expect from a uni of its size. They’re a great way to help you make friends with similar interests, and to expand your circle beyond the people in your classes. Having a smaller uni population creates a better opportunity for clubs to become tight-knit groups of friends.

Loads of campuses

CSU has campuses in loads of locations across Australia. This gives you the opportunity to study at any of the great CSU locations. Different campuses also offer different courses, creating a unique uni experience at each one. This definitely makes CSU one of the most flexible universities in Australia, giving you the option to study at different campuses, or even online, so your degree can change as your life does.

Practical Courses

Many courses at CSU are structured around practical experience. Studying and doing placements in smaller towns goes miles in increasing your likelihood of securing a job in those locations once you graduate. Spending practical time in your chosen field will also help you determine if the degree you’re undertaking is putting you on the path to your Dream Career. That’s just another way that CSU degrees are preparing you for the world outside of #unilife.

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