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CSU says NO to illegal downloads

CSU says NO to illegal downloads

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The new episode of Pretty Little Liars just aired in the US, but you can’t possibly wait that agonising 24 hours for it to be released in OZ… Your solution? “Oh I’ll just download it right?” – Wrong!

Illegally downloading, storing or distributing copyrighted materials is not permitted at CSU and if you’re caught doing so, you will be banned from all CSU computing services for up to 14 days!Cartoon Baby at computer

Therefore, you will have no access to the internet, Interact2 and all other computing functions. This will make it quite difficult for your day-to-day life to function successfully. So do the right thing, don’t illegally download!

Did you know every time you change your password, you agree to abide by the University’s Computing and Communications Facilities Use Policy ? This Policy outlines your IT responsibilities as a student and penalties involved for illegally downloading, storing and or distributing copyrighted material.

For more information on illegally downloading and the consequences of using CSU IT facilities, please get in touch with Student Central.

Don’t get caught up in the illegal downloading mess! Pay a cheap monthly Netflix fee and watch your all your favourite TV series, plus explore so much more!

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