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Student Central employee at work

What Student Central taught me

The team at Student Central are our hero’s. They feed us with advice, answer questions regarding exams and grade releases, and help us avoid weekly panic attacks. This time round I had the chance to speak to three CSU students; Lara, Eleanor and Amy...

Student Central wall banner at Wagga Wagga

Student Central’s FAQ on grade release

The stress has left the building as we’ve made it through yet another year of assignments and exams. But, it isn’t over yet, as we wait anxiously for our grades to be released. Do not fear, the Student Central team is here again to answer your...

Female students studying

Student Central answers exam questions

It’s that time again, final year exams are looming and students are in a rush to finalise their studies and double-check their information. But do not stress, I went out to talk to the Student Central team and found out the most frequently asked...


Grades Release: What type of student are you?

Yes friends, it’s THAT time of year. Grades are being released. It is almost bittersweet – you’re finally finished for the Summer (except you poor souls doing summer subjects) and you are about to pour yourself a pina colada when...

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