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What Student Central taught me

What Student Central taught me

Student Central employee at work
Student Central employee at work

The team at Student Central are our hero’s. They feed us with advice, answer questions regarding exams and grade releases, and help us avoid weekly panic attacks. This time round I had the chance to speak to three CSU students; Lara, Eleanor and Amy to get a look into the life of a Student Central employee and find out about the interesting things they’ve learned from being on hand at Student Central.

Students panic. A lot.

There’s a certain amount of sympathy and empathy that comes with the job. When you’re speaking to a stressed-out student and hearing about the problems they’re facing, you want to help them find a solution.

Computer programs are endless.

There’s a tonne of programs we get trained on and the University systems are endless, which all make for great work experience.

Financial help is there.

There are so many financial aid programs, scholarships and grants that we have available for students. Students just need to realise that applying for these is the hardest part!

The University’s organisation is next level.

The University is so well organised as a running facility. Contrary to what you think, CSU employees do more than just sip on coffee and send emails. People also just assume there’s one and only one person on the Student Central line, when in reality there’s around 15 to 20 people across campuses, speaking to students. Throughout the year we get a lot of phone calls, so it takes more than just a couple of people to help students.

The facilities

I wish I knew about all of the facilities at CSU when I first started. If you don’t use them, you’re disadvantaging yourself. Counselling, tutoring, and the CSU library are all amazing facilities you need to take advantage of. Even down to accommodation and meal plans, some students just aren’t aware of what’s offered.

ASKCSU is a brain in itself

When students ask us questions and we don’t know the answer, ASKCSU is where we go. If we still can’t find the answer, we redirect them to someone who can help.

Every degree, and every individual is different, and we’re not robots (even though some may think this). Working at Student Central means you have to take every case seriously, personally and cater your advice to each individual.

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