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Student Central answers exam questions

Student Central answers exam questions

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It’s that time again, final year exams are looming and students are in a rush to finalise their studies and double-check their information.

But do not stress, I went out to talk to the Student Central team and found out the most frequently asked questions that they are asked by students. Three students, Lara Gamble, Amy Brinkman and Eleanor Steller all work for Student Central and were happy to answer your FAQ’s.

FAQ 1 – “I’m an on campus student, how do I change my exam centre?”
Unfortunately you can’t change your exam centre. Some students want to go home as soon as the session finishes and are required to come back for the exam. If you’re an on campus student you have to do the exam at the campus that you do the subject at.

FAQ 2 – “Where and what time is my exam?”
You’ll need to check your timetable to find out when your exam is on. You’ll be sent an email with the link to your timetable and it shows all the subjects you’re enrolled in if you have an exam.

FAQ 3 – “What if I have a holiday, have to work, or am sick when my exam is on?”

If this happens, a special consideration form will be your best friend. They ask if we can set it to the next week but you can’t change the time of your exam; it’s set when it’s set. If you can’t be at your exam, you have to do it the next semester.

FAQ 4 – “What do I take into my exam?”

Your student ID Card. But online students don’t necessarily need it. So you have to explain, you’re coming to an exam, you can bring your licence and that’s enough ID. But on campus students need their Student ID. And pens, pencils and other “permitted material” which is outlined on your personal exam timetable.

Of course, these are only a few of many questions Student Central staff are asked on a daily basis, and Student Central is always there to provide you with the information you need and to calm your nerves. And if that isn’t enough, ASKCSU has a library of information for all your exam questions, right at the click of a button.

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