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Student Central’s quirkiest questions

Student Central’s quirkiest questions

Student Central team member helping out a uni student
Student Central team member helping out a uni student. Image source: CSU Image

When the vast majority of your job is answering questions, it’s not uncommon to come across some unusual requests. Here’s a few weird, wacky and just plain funny challenges that the Student Central team has solved.

“Hi, I work at a shop in Bathurst and we have a lot of uni students coming in and buying things. We just want to know the dates of the balls throughout the year so I can staff my shop appropriately”

This lady even asked if she could have a schedule for the next year. She now receives emails of the important dates.

“My lecturer has asked me to install this program and I don’t know what it is… can you help me?”

…Uh? I don’t know what it is either!

“You know this assignment, for this course, how do you do this part of this section, and what does this mean?”

They’ll even read it out to you, not realising that we can’t do assignments. Those questions are directed to the lecturers.

A staff member called and said “I need to get this.”

Staff Members aren’t really supposed to call Student Central, but they do, and hey, if we can help, then no harm done.

A 94 year old man called asking “How do you open Google?”

He proceeded to tell me that his daughter had a degree and his wife had a degree and he thought he “might as well get one too”.

Directing someone around campus is probably one of the weirdest thing you have to do, because you don’t know where they are. They’ll ask “where’s the lab?” Which means you have to find the map and hope your imagination looks a little like campus.  

Every so often someone will call looking for something they’ve lost. A student once lost her wallet carrying $150 dollars. Lucky it was handed back to her within twelve hours with nothing missing. That’s one of the great things about Student Central, items can be dropped into us and they’ll get handed back to the right people.

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