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AskCSU: Use Interact2 to avoid the queue!

AskCSU: Use Interact2 to avoid the queue!


AskCSU (the student knowledge base) is now available within Interact2, and YOU should be adding it to your dashboard RIGHT NOW!

Animation: cartoon baby cheeringWhat is AskCSU?

AskCSU knows everything from study related stuff (exams, assignment submission), finance (scholarships, fees), admin (adding/deleting subjects, grades), support services (counselling, learning skills), technology and campus life. LITERALLY ALL THE STUFF.

Animation: Woman making explosion gesture

How do you add AskCSU to your Interact2 site? 

1.       Login to Interact2
2.       Click ‘Add Module’
3.       Search or scroll to find ‘AskCSU’
4.       Click ‘Add’
5.       Return to your Interact2 dashboard
6.       Move the AskCSU module to your preferred location

Animation: woman tilting her head. Text: That was too easy

So now AskCSU can be your new 24/7 best friend. You don’t need to line up or wait on the phone with Student Central to get an answer, it is readily available ANYTIME at the touch of a button and you will save yourself precious time to keep on studying (LOL) or drink more wine!

Happy Days!

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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