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New vs returning students

New vs returning students

Student Central team member answering student enquiry
The difference between new and returning students. Image source: CSU Image

Enrolling in subjects can be a tricky time for all new and returning students. With different courses, classes, and electives it can be hard to get a handle on everything.

We caught up with Student Central team members Eleanor and Michael to hear how the frequently asked questions differ between new and enrolled students. You might want to write these down too, it’ll save you calling for help later-on down the track.

New students

New students go through to admin, but they usually go to Student Central first. They have a lot of questions like “what does this course offer” and “what does this course have for me.”

New students often ask how to add subjects, but their subjects are added for them, which makes our job easier.

New students are also always so excited. Returning students already know so much, you’re just filling in the gaps for them. With new students you’re building their knowledge from the ground up. A lot of them call in when they’re applying or when they’ve submitted their application. You just have to make sure they’ve filled it out right, they’ve got their funding support setup and that they’re enrolled correctly.

Returning students

When returning students call, we have a process to lead them through the website and show them how to do it independently.

They often ask about subject availability, and what subjects to enrol in. We then refer them to the correct faculty. If they’ve looked at the handbook and know what to study but can’t enrol, we can help them.

Returning students usually already know the first steps, instead they’re looking at the fourth and fifth steps. They ask “I know what subject I want to study but it’s not available in this session” or “Can I come back to live on campus?”

Sometimes they’ll call to increase or decrease their study load. A lot of returning students know what they’re after, but want to know more about important dates such as census date.

Call 1800 275 278, or head to Student Central to have any of your questions answered.

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