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Grades Release: What type of student are you?

Grades Release: What type of student are you?


Yes friends, it’s THAT time of year. Grades are being released.

It is almost bittersweet – you’re finally finished for the Summer (except you poor souls doing summer subjects) and you are about to pour yourself a pina colada when BAM – grades are here.

Drink pouring into a glass

So what kind of student are you when it comes to viewing your grades?

Are you the early bird?

You’re up early, excited and impatiently waiting to get your results and celebrate them! As soon as you get your email notifying you that your results are in your Message Centre – you’re there quicker than a flash.

Bullet train going past
Are you the cool, calm, collected student?

You’re not really fussed about the whole event. Fail, pass, credit, who cares! You got through the year – right?

Cool kid in leather jacket

Do you freak out/panic?

Right now – just reading this makes you nervous. Your sweaty, your having a full on freak attack. JUST BREATHE. It will all be okay.

I'm having a panic attack

Are you in a heavy state of denial?

Grades? What grades? Your grades will probably stay un-read in your Message Centre for a week or two. Be brave. You can do it.

Homer Simpson hiding in a hedge

Are you the eternal optimist?

No matter what – you know you did your best and that’s all you can ask for. Positive vibes = positive grades!

Man waving his hands in the air

Whatever you are, make sure you sign into the Student Portal using your username and  password and check your grades via Message Centre. Grades for Session 2 are released from midday Friday 13 November – so if they aren’t there when you first check, don’t freak out just yet. Check Message Centre later in the day and call Student Central, 1800 ASK CSU, if you have any concerns.

And – in the event that you failed a subject or have ANY queries about what certain grades mean or how to appeal your grade, visit CSU’s grade page for more helpful tips.


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