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When reality hits on starting a five year degree

For many students, you may have just begun your first year of university! Our newest contributor, Hayden O'Rourke, shares why he decided to take the plunge and move to Port Mac to study Law and how he's being coping with the change!

Clean out, move out and donate

With summer just around the corner I realised I probably needed to start fresh and get rid of things that are just gathering dust.

Move out food donation scheme

The Wagga residence community in conjunction with Sustainability at Charles Sturt are aiming to donate leftover goods amongst residences to two charities to minimise the general wastage at the end of the year going into landfill.

On campus vs off campus

Have you been wondering which residential life is best for you? Whether it’s convenient on-campus accommodation or a share house in town, use this list to find out where your preference lies. After speaking with a Veterinary Science student...

Two students watching TV in accommodation common area

Dorm etiquette 101

Be considerate You are not living alone and you are not at home. Things that may have been tolerated at home are not necessarily the same on Res, so, think about others before yourself when you’re in communal areas, and think before you speak. It...

Student using the oven in shared dorm kitchen

Dining room etiquette

Whether you choose to eat in the privacy of your room or have a social feed in the common room, everyone should know and use the basics of dining room manners. Always wait your turn There’s no need to rush or be the first to sit down (or cut the...

Student in an organised dorm space on campus

Dorm storage hacks

It’s a fact, dorm rooms are small (especially if you’re used to spreading your things out through a whole house!). However, their simple design opens a world of possibilities for storage solutions. So, use these classic hacks to make the most...

Colourful accommodation blocks at CSU in Bathurst

5 things you didn’t know about living on-campus in Bathurst

CSU’s Bathurst campus has an extensive range of facilities, and you get access to most of them! Leisure and sporting: gym, basketball courts, tennis courts, sports fields, Ponton Theatre and common areas on all residences Food: Food Bowl, Pulse...

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