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Dorm storage hacks

Dorm storage hacks

Student in an organised dorm space on campus

It’s a fact, dorm rooms are small (especially if you’re used to spreading your things out through a whole house!). However, their simple design opens a world of possibilities for storage solutions. So, use these classic hacks to make the most of the space you have:

Hooks, hooks and more hooks

Whether it’s on the wall, over the door or behind that empty cupboard door, get as many as you can. They maximise empty space and save things ending up on the floor; plus, they hang just about anything! (Pro tip – get the stick-on ones so you don’t damage your walls or paint work).


Try them under the bed, under a desk or at the bottom of your cupboard to hold big jumpers, kitchen equipment and anything else large. Go for ones with wheels to pull and push them for easy access.

Bins or baskets are flexible for any space

Choose different colours and sizes to keep extra organised. Store stationery in a small basket or opt for a larger one for dirty laundry. This storage solution won’t even need to be hidden away so you can maximise shelf space.

Grab anything that hangs over-the-door

We mentioned hooks, but there’s more! Hampers, shoe organisers, shower caddy, hanging shelves etc can all be used for dual purposes and make the most of the unused space behind doors while still looking great.

Drawer / shelf organisers

If your dorm room has drawers or shelves invest in dividing solutions, such as shoe or gift boxes, which provide easy access, save space and keep you organised. Organisers can be found commonly so opt for the style and price that you fancy. 

Add hanging space

Use food or drink can tabs to hang multiple clothes on one hanger. You can keep certain tops together or pre-plan your outfits. And, shower curtain rings are great for hanging bags in your wardrobe or storing scarves on a hanger.

Finally, this is probably the most obvious hack: pack wisely.

If you’re not going to wear something, don’t bring it with you just because there’s a 1% chance. If you know you won’t end up using all five writing books, don’t bother bringing them. Pack realistically so that you are using the storage space for necessary and useful things.

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