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Dining room etiquette

Dining room etiquette

Student using the oven in shared dorm kitchen

Whether you choose to eat in the privacy of your room or have a social feed in the common room, everyone should know and use the basics of dining room manners.

Always wait your turn
There’s no need to rush or be the first to sit down (or cut the line in the dining hall). If you do need to be somewhere, politely excuse yourself and ask if you can jump in front.

Actually sit down
Standing up to eat or moving around while eating isn’t very respectful to those around you, nor safe for you. Even if it’s for five minutes, sit down and digest your food before getting back on the move.

Use cutlery and napkins
Make an effort to look decent, even if it’s not how you normally are. Save the messy fingers and eating fallen crumbs for the comfort and privacy of your room.

Be patient
Whether it’s waiting to scan your ID in the dining hall or wanting to use the sink in your dorm, keep your calm and don’t get frustrated. The last thing you need is an argument at dinner time.

Clean up after yourself
Unfortunately, even as adults we don’t always get this one right. It doesn’t take much to put the rubbish in the bin and wash up, and it means a lot to everyone you’re sharing with.

Use your manners
No matter where you are or what you are doing, saying please, thank you and excuse me won’t hurt anyone. You’ll sound polite and mature, and people will be more willing to help you out.

Try not to waste food
Rather than throwing away food you haven’t eaten, opt for using leftovers and store it in the fridge. It’s not nice to see a lot of food go to waste and food in the bin can start to smell.

With these tips, no one will have a problem dining with you and dorm family dinners will go smoothly. Get keen for taco Tuesdays, pizza nights and classic roast chicken with your best mates on res!

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