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How to survive a morning class (Mondays)

Waking up for an 8am class is not the most ideal thing in the world, believe us! Luckily Ada Crain shares her tips on surviving an 8am class - or even worse... a Monday morning!

My Christmas in Berlin

Although Christmas has come and gone, we want to hear all about Mikayla Murphy's Christmas in Berlin.

8 ways to enjoy a sustainable Christmas

Christmas is coming up faster than we could have imagined! This can be an exciting time filled with family, friends and fun however, is often coupled with lavish meals and gifts with wasted food, unwanted presents and a lot of unnecessary packaging...

Move out food donation scheme

The Wagga residence community in conjunction with Sustainability at Charles Sturt are aiming to donate leftover goods amongst residences to two charities to minimise the general wastage at the end of the year going into landfill.

Dormitory friendly cooking: croutons for salads

When someone mentions proper diet and healthy eating, the go-to food is always a salad. It is nutritious, fast to make and can have endless variety. Salads are also great for on-the-go university students. After all, keeping on top of healthy eating...

Easy meals for on-campus living

Easy meals for on-campus living

Living on-campus can be a stressful time; sometimes the pressure of having multiple assignments due at once, internships, sport and social events can be enough to cause a bit of a meltdown! To make your nights a bit easier and take one extra thing...

Winter is coming!

Winter is quickly approaching and in some of our campus towns the drop in temperature can be quite a shock. Here are some tips how to stay healthy and warm during the colder months. Stay connected Socialising helps strengthen your immune system by...

A SSAF Success Story

The SSAF Initiative Round has just opened and what better way to show you how your ideas can make a positive impact on the CSU community than sharing one major success story; The $1 Port Macquarie Wednesday Lunch What is the SSAF Initiative? SSAF...

Students making healthy food for study

Exam brain food!

Most students survive on a (not-so-healthy) diet of coffee, pizza and mi-goreng. Unfortunately for our bank accounts, we need more than this to sustain us during exam periods (and life in general). I’ve gathered three recipes that will give you the...

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