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On campus vs off campus

On campus vs off campus

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Have you been wondering which residential life is best for you? Whether it’s convenient on-campus accommodation or a share house in town, use this list to find out where your preference lies.

After speaking with a Veterinary Science student who lived both on and off campus while studying in Wagga Wagga, I collated the best reasons for both!

On campus

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in student life and truly appreciate the university experience, then look no further! Living on campus means you have easy access to facilities, can be surrounded by your peers and live every day in an exciting, vibrant environment.

All of the essentials are at an easy walking distance – library, pool, gym, post office etc. An extra benefit is that after tiring day of study, you can roll out of bed twenty minutes before class and still make it in time to sit in the back, hugging a hot coffee… score!

Living on campus also relieves a lot of stress. Meals are organised, bills are paid and there are various points of help if you have any facility or academic problems. You also don’t need a car to get around, which is a huge saving on the student budget.

Off campus

Off campus living is usually the preferred option for higher grad students or a group of friends in a share house arrangement.

The most appealing aspect of living off campus is that you get to choose who you live with. You can make sure that your personalities mix well and that there isn’t going to be any major housemate drama.

You can surround yourself with familiar, cosy items such as your own bed and furniture. The rent is often much cheaper in a share house and you have freedom and greater independence.

So, if you have potential housemate options or just want to run your own life, start an epic share house where you can feel right at home.

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