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Tips on living with mates

Living with your friends can be really great, but sometimes we need rules in place to ensure everything runs smoothly. Alice Cavanagh shares her top tips on living with mates.

Helpful items to bring to a university dormitory

Moving into a university dorm for the first time can be tricky. You can spend weeks buying everything you think you need and trying to pack it all into a single car trip. However, during this stressful period it is very easy to over-pack for the...

On campus vs off campus

Have you been wondering which residential life is best for you? Whether it’s convenient on-campus accommodation or a share house in town, use this list to find out where your preference lies. After speaking with a Veterinary Science student...

Two female students sitting together on couch in university accommodation

Living on campus: A priceless experience

Imagine a world where you can have Taco Tuesday every day and study with your favourite people. Living on campus will give you an all-round experience of being a uni student. Here are some reasons why living on campus is a priceless experience: It...

Group of roommates enjoying dinner together

How to stay #roomiesforlife

by Loren Howarth It’s your first time living in a share house with your friends. You can’t wait until uni begins so you and your bestie can spend 24/7 together in your new pad. Three weeks in and you realise you’ve overdone it and now you’re...

The LDR saga: Together again

There’s no doubt that two months apart is not breaking any records for the longest long distance relationships, but even so, it was a really difficult period of time. Long enough to miss each other painfully, but too short to really get used to the...

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