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Living on campus: A priceless experience

Living on campus: A priceless experience

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Imagine a world where you can have Taco Tuesday every day and study with your favourite people. Living on campus will give you an all-round experience of being a uni student. Here are some reasons why living on campus is a priceless experience:

  1. It is an opportunity to meet so many people and make lifelong friends, and you can call them your neighbours!
  2. You literally live close to everything! There is no need to worry about commuting through public transport or traffic because classes, food, your room and all uni facilities are only a few steps away. This means you can sneak in more sleep or pull all-nighters at the library!
  3. You get fully immersed in university life. With a full calendar of social events, you’ll experience the unique culture first-hand, and won’t ever miss what’s going on around campus. 
  4. Orientation Week will go to the next level. With a whole week to get to know your dormies and campus, you’ll be feeling confident, welcomed and ready to start classes! Not to mention all the fun dorm events from crazy challenges to chilling together like a family.
  5. You’ll be looked after. Every dorm or block has a Residential Advisor (RA) who is a student just like you, and can answer any questions, help you out any time or just hang out. Plus, they’ll be there all year! There is also a Residential Tutor who organises study sessions and can help with academic problems or give you study tips to keep you focused and on track with your degree.
  6. There’s something for everyone! Whether you love sport, parties, or cooking together, dorm activities are organised for you throughout the year and cater for all. Some of the fun events include: dorm sports, weekly dorm meetings, dorm dinners and annual balls and themed parties. The fun never ends!

Living on campus is a chance for you to enrich your university experience and make memories to last a lifetime, while studying hard to get that degree. Hopefully you’ll be joining us on campus in 2018! Take a closer look at where you could live and why life is #BetterOnRes on the CSU accommodation website.

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