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Two female students sitting together on couch in university accommodation

Living on campus: A priceless experience

Imagine a world where you can have Taco Tuesday every day and study with your favourite people. Living on campus will give you an all-round experience of being a uni student. Here are some reasons why living on campus is a priceless experience: It...

Young boy moving out of home. Image:

Five tips for moving out of home

by Loren Howarth Whether you’re moving out of home for some independence, or you’ve decided that on-campus accommodation isn’t for you, moving out of home is a big decision. You’ll have more responsibilities, plus your own...

Group of roommates enjoying dinner together

How to stay #roomiesforlife

by Loren Howarth It’s your first time living in a share house with your friends. You can’t wait until uni begins so you and your bestie can spend 24/7 together in your new pad. Three weeks in and you realise you’ve overdone it and now you’re...

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