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Helpful items to bring to a university dormitory

Helpful items to bring to a university dormitory

Moving into a university dorm for the first time can be tricky. You can spend weeks buying everything you think you need and trying to pack it all into a single car trip.

However, during this stressful period it is very easy to over-pack for the occasion. Instead of having to carry lots of unused items when you move out at the end of the year, have a look at some of the items below to bring with you to avoid playing car tetris.

These items will be in-use all year round and will help minimise clutter or over-packing and can be sustainably reused as a bonus.

Toothbrush Holder

Individual toothbrush holders are a godsend in a university living environment. They fit easily onto shelves, don’t take up much space and they can come stylised.

They also help people who leave their toothbrushes in the shared bathrooms keep track of who owns which toothbrush, avoiding many potential disasters from the get-go.

Cooking Utensils

This is an obvious item on the list but it truly makes a difference. People cannot take advantage of Charles Sturt’s on-campus kitchens without cooking utensils. This saves people from having to borrow their friends’ cooking utensils whenever they feel like practising their hand at cooking.

The two most recommended cooking utensils are a small frying pan, a small pot and a pie-maker (which can be used for many different recipes). Just enough to cook for at least one person. It really is amazing how versatile these three things can be.

Slides, sandals, or thongs

A cheap pair of slides, sandals or thongs make all the difference in a university dormitory. If someone is nervous about bathroom floor hygiene, then wearing a cheap pair of slides or thongs into the bathroom can make all the difference.

Cheap shoes that are easy to put on are also helpful for quick trips to the residential dining hall. Just slip them on and go grab takeaway!

Fold-away storage containers

Having extra storage containers around is the ultimate lifesaver. They make the move-in so much easier and having extra’s helps to store all of the extra items that accumulate before we move-out.

However, during the majority of the year where people’s belongings are safely stored in cupboards, these storage containers tend to take up room when they are not needed.

Having compact, fold-away storage containers eliminates this problem. Simply fold them up and store them out of the way until they are needed at the end of the year.

Optional Extra: Reed Diffusers

These help people keep their personal rooms smelling fresh and clean, with the added bonus of being reusable unlike air-freshener cans. There is no fire or electricity involved so they are almost completely hazard-free.

Also, when the diffuser has been all used up the container can be cleaned and sustainably reused as a storage jar.

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