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Helpful items to bring to a university dormitory

Moving into a university dorm for the first time can be tricky. You can spend weeks buying everything you think you need and trying to pack it all into a single car trip. However, during this stressful period it is very easy to over-pack for the...

Easy meals for on-campus living

Easy meals for on-campus living

Living on-campus can be a stressful time; sometimes the pressure of having multiple assignments due at once, internships, sport and social events can be enough to cause a bit of a meltdown! To make your nights a bit easier and take one extra thing...

students cooking at home

Quick and easy fail-proof dinner ideas

by Loren Howarth After a long day at uni you’re probably feeling hungry, but also don’t want make a mess in the kitchen (because you don’t want to clean up). Don’t worry though, these recipes are cheap, simple and taste pretty good...

Friends cooking

Quick, simple and delicious vegan meals

by Loren Howarth Believe it or not, a vegan diet consists of more than just salad and vegetables. These tasty vegan meals are easy to create, not to mention absolutely divine. You don’t have to be vegan to eat these either, anyone can give...

Three pre-payday recipes

Being a student and having a healthy diet are two things that don’t go hand-in-hand. Although it’s important to include healthy foods in your diet, sometimes it’s hard to do so on a tight budget. Especially when you’re living pay cheque to pay...

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