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5 renting hacks for uni students

Charlie contributor, Charlotte Penhall, just moved in to her first rental property. Read her top tips and advice for uni students ready to make that move...

Cupboard essentials you NEED as a uni student

When moving away for uni, you kind of have an idea of stuff you should buy to fill your cupboard. But how much of it is actually good and will benefit you in the long run? Alice Cavanagh shares her list of cupboard essentials you NEED as a uni...

Clean out, move out and donate

With summer just around the corner I realised I probably needed to start fresh and get rid of things that are just gathering dust.

On campus vs off campus

Have you been wondering which residential life is best for you? Whether it’s convenient on-campus accommodation or a share house in town, use this list to find out where your preference lies. After speaking with a Veterinary Science student...

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