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Dorm etiquette 101

Dorm etiquette 101

Two students watching TV in accommodation common area
  1. Be considerate
    You are not living alone and you are not at home. Things that may have been tolerated at home are not necessarily the same on Res, so, think about others before yourself when you’re in communal areas, and think before you speak. It will leave a good impression and let your dormies know you won’t be any trouble to live with all year. (What’s a “dormie”, you ask? It’s just one of the new words you’ll learn on campus!)
  2. Follow the ‘10 to 10’ rule
    Abide by the 10pm to 10am quiet hour rule. You will appreciate this rule when you’re trying to finish an essay at the last minute. Move the noise outside your residence in those hours and respect your dorm, because when the tables are turned, you’ll like them to do the same.
  3. Be friendly
    It sounds so obvious but too many people ditch this tip. A smile, “hello” or “how are you?” can be a great way of showing care and courtesy. You’ll seem likeable and approachable, which are great qualities to have when living together.
  4. Clean up after yourself
    It goes without saying that shared accommodation means sharing the responsibility. Wash your own dishes, wipe the stove if you make a mess, store your belongings instead of leaving them lying around and put your rubbish in the bin.
    Your dormies and the cleaners will appreciate your efforts!
  5. Be nice to your RAs
    They are there to help you survive the year and make the most out of Uni so respect them, obey them and, now and then, ask them how they’re going too. They’re a friend willing to help you out and a student just like you.
  6. Respect everyone’s space
    Knock when you see a closed door and don’t barge in, even if you may be best friends. Personal space can be hard to find at uni so let your dormies have some when they can… you’ll want some too.
  7. Ask before you borrow
    You may be sharing everything, but that doesn’t mean you can take anything. Be courteous and don’t assume it’ll be OK without asking.
  8. Laundry time
    Firstly, actually do your laundry to avoid a smelly room. Secondly, keep a timer to remember when to collect or move the washing to the dryer. Skip the awkwardness of moving other people’s washing and be proactive. If the machines are always busy, aim for a quieter time and get in early.
  9. Basic bathroom rules
    Don’t leave anything in the bathroom, especially if you don’t want anyone else using them. Use a small container or plastic bag to carry your things to and from your room. Get in and get out. Avoid bathroom chaos and traffic by limiting your shower time and getting dressed in your own room. And, definitely don’t leave rubbish in there!
  10. Noise down!
    Turn the music down, use headphones, talk softly. There is nothing worse than trying to study before exam week and there’s music blasting from one room and a loud phone call from another.
  11. Be cordial
    Should a conflict arise, sort it out sooner rather than later to avoid it getting out of hand. Communicate your side clearly and be a good listener to others.

Most of these tips are common sense and can be achieved naturally without a lot of thought. But, be sure to check in with yourself occasionally – am I being a good neighbour? And stay conscious to treat others the way you’d like to be treated!

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