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Humans of Charles Sturt: Shaun Wang

Introducing our newest Humans of Charles Sturt piece, Dr Shaun Wang. Shaun is an anatomy lecturer on the Orange Campus and comes from a background of higher education teaching in animal anatomy, histology and biology. Learn about this wonderful...

Humans of Charles Sturt: Magnus Cameron

''Since opening up about my issues and communicating with the people closest to me, I have overcome this issue and have seen a dramatic improvement in my mental state and life.''

Humans of Charles Sturt: Eva Kent

''Originally, I wanted to be Sherlock Holmes. But I decided that the coat would be too hot in Australia. My parents are both in healthcare (mum is an ED nurse, dad is a paramedic). I knew I wanted to do something to help people.''

Humans of Charles Sturt: Jessica Lewis

''When the Charles Sturt Library job came up at Port Mac, I took the chance and applied for it. I very almost didn’t, as I had only toyed with the idea of retraining as a librarian and didn’t have the paper to show for it yet!"

Humans of Charles Sturt: Kyle Dehnert

“I originally wanted to become an engineer, however, I was not the best at math or physics. So I then set my sights on becoming a conservationist. I want to work to preserve our habitats and ecosystems for future generations of plant and animal life...

Humans of Charles Sturt: Zoe Rodwell

''Turning up to work to such beautiful green spaces is such a privilege. Since starting with the Sustainability Team, I have found a new appreciation for how extraordinary our campuses are.''

Humans of Charles Sturt: Cody Forrester

'My proudest accomplishment would be becoming the first in my entire family line to get into university. It was a very happy day for me that merely a year or so before felt impossible.'

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