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Dear HSC results - come at me bro.


By Emily Foy-Brown After years of boring material (I’m talking to you algebra – WHY DO YOU EVEN EXIST?), trying to stay awake in class, highlighting textbooks in their entirety, homework (or excuses) and of course the hormonal friends...

Graduation grants up for grabs!

Graduating this December? I suggest you hurry on up and apply for the CSU Graduation Equity Grant, which closes on Sunday 6 December!! (tick-tock-tick-tock) This handy source of cash is designed to assist graduating students of 2015 with some of...

How to cope when you’re waiting for your assignment

by Emily Minter Session 2 is almost finished and you are probably waiting for your big assignments to be marked. But no matter what stage of session it is (or size and importance of the assignment) the stress for us waiting students is inevitable...

De-bunking Common Essay Deceptions

by Emily Minter No matter what degree you are studying, at some point you will probably have to write an essay… Now this is a concept that fills many people’s heart with fear. You’ve probably had other students tell you how boring and hard...

Capturing your favourite uni memories

Last time you were at the uni bar and used your phone camera to capture a moment of your life, did it not quite turnout how you would have liked? Here’s a guide to capturing your best uni memories with your phone.

Run, don’t walk! CSU Global Applications Open!

CSU Global and the School of Environmental Sciences are pleased to announce that applications are now open for the annual Nepal and Cambodia international study tours. The Nepal leg of the study tour focuses on ‘Optimising the Needs of...

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