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You know you’re a res student when…

You know you’re a res student when…

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CSU Campus acccommodation

Living on campus is without a doubt one of the best experiences of university. The social life, ease of getting to class and independence are incredibly valuable and worth every penny.

Every student has a unique experience on campus, however there are some universally relevant things that every on campus (aka ‘res’) student can relate to.

Classroom attire

Wearing trackies and uggboots to class is a world-class trait of the on campus university student, whether it’s because you slept past your alarm clock, or simply just too lazy to get dressed properly. Chuck some deodorant on and no one will know the difference, right?

The sleep-ins

Although some may see it as a disadvantage (most often identified by the pyjamas they are wearing to class), a huge bonus to living on campus is being able to make the most of living close to class and setting those late morning alarm clocks.

Disney and chill

For some reason, watching Disney movies late at night is very popular among students living on campus. That’s why you’ll often find groups of student’s asleep in the common room, popcorn spilt all over them, with Aladdin playing in the background asking for his three wishes.

Your best friend is five steps away

One of the best things about living on campus has to be the incredible social opportunities. It’s unique because you can choose who you hang out and take with you on those late night Maccas runs simply because of the proximity to all your friends.

Ultimate birthday celebrations

Running on from the close vicinity of mates is when your friends wake you (and your block) up at 12:01am on your birthday holding a homemade cake and singing happy birthday at the top of their lungs.

Driving to class

Probably the most ironic thing about living on campus is residing 500 metres from class, yet you still drive. Students do almost anything to avoid exercise and this is definitely one of the laziest examples of student life.

Avoiding cooking at all costs

Yet another example of the lengths students go to avoid anything of effort is when they go out of their way to avoid cooking meals. For example, driving or walking to the campus café to get out of making lunch.

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