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First-year students: follow these rules

First-year students: follow these rules

First-year CSU students walking back from class in Wagga Wagga
First-year CSU students walking back from class as they chat to one another. Image: CSU image

by Loren Howarth

Schools out! But wait there’s more… Uni. If you’re a first-year student you’re probably excited and nervous all at once. But there’s no need to worry. You may find uni challenging at times, but you won’t be short of fun. Not to mention you’ll make some great new friends.

If you haven’t studied before, you probably have no idea what uni is all about just yet. So to get you started, here are my top tips to get you through first-year.

Use your breaks wisely 

You’ll be surprised how much free time you’ll have at uni compared to high school. But this ‘free time’ is actually deceiving and better off spent studying and working on assessments. If you fill in your ‘free time’ during week days by catching up on uni work, you’ll actually be left with time for activities later on with your new neighbours (who will also become your best friends).

Ask questions 

You might be hesitant to approach your lecturers. But I can assure you these people love being asked questions – it means you’re engaging with the subject and are willing to learn. And more often than not, other students will have the same question, so you’re doing them a favour too.

Get to know the campus 

The uni campus can feel like a city in itself, so it pays off to go exploring. You’ll spend a fair amount of time at this place, so best learn the ropes early. Find where your classes will be held, where the library is and more importantly where you can find some good food.

Get involved

The best way to meet people is to get involved in all of the social activities and check out what clubs the Uni offers. This way you’ll meet people who share similar interests and find the people who are studying the same course as you.

Dress comfortably 

You’ve probably been searching frantically for the perfect outfit for your first day of uni. Don’t stress – uni isn’t supposed to be a fashion runway. And the only person who will critique what you’re wearing is yourself. You’ll quickly realise that casual clothes are the most comfortable. By Session 2, you’ll probably even turn up to class in your pyjamas like the rest of the students.

Classes can be spread out across the day, so wear practical clothing as you’ll be in them all day. And be sure to check if you need to wear any specific attire for certain classes such as enclosed shoes.

Best of luck for the year ahead and your new journey, it’ll be a blast.

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