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5 tips to ace day one on the job

For many of us, time is fast approaching to commence the transition from Uni life to the workforce for full time, real jobs – something which can be a daunting and scary process for most. The first day of work at a new job is probably the most nerve...

First-year CSU students walking back from class in Wagga Wagga

First-year students: follow these rules

by Loren Howarth Schools out! But wait there’s more… Uni. If you’re a first-year student you’re probably excited and nervous all at once. But there’s no need to worry. You may find uni challenging at times, but you won’t be short of fun. Not to...

First Week Forecast

When I stepped onto campus on my first day of uni, I thought I was pretty prepared. I’d been to about a million CSU My Days, study days, and excursions on campus. I’d been day dreaming about my hectic uni schedule since kindergarten...

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