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5 tips to ace day one on the job

5 tips to ace day one on the job

For many of us, time is fast approaching to commence the transition from Uni life to the workforce for full time, real jobs – something which can be a daunting and scary process for most.

The first day of work at a new job is probably the most nerve-racking, yet memorable experience of anyone’s life!

It’s good to remember that everyone gets those ‘first day jitters’ and it’s natural, so here are five tips to help combat those jitters and ensure that you ace your first day on the job:

1. Research and prepare:

Do your research ahead of starting your first day on the job. This will help ease the nerves and give you a better understanding of the job you are about to undertake. However, don’t just focus on researching your job, also research the company and their recent successes.

2. Make a good first impression:

First impressions are key to helping you get off on the right foot at your new job. First impressions are often based on both appearance and body language, so ensure that you wear clothes that are appropriate for the workplace and you feel comfortable in. This will help you relax and project confidence to your new employer.

3. Listen and ask:

The first day on the job is an information overload for everyone but listen to as much as you can and don’t be afraid to ask questions – demonstrate to your new boss that you are curious, have a desire to learn and you are unafraid to ask questions.

4. Organise your time:

First day’s can also be overwhelming and when it comes down to starting some actual work, you probably don’t know where to start! Prioritise your tasks from most important to least important, which will help you stay focused on what’s urgent and help you to relax a bit.

5. Arrive early:

This one is a given. All employers expect their employees to arrive on time to work but a punctual and early arrival on your first day at your new job proves that you are both organised and ready to tackle your new role. This will make a strong impression on your new boss and your co-workers.

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