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Fun ideas for the holidays

Fun ideas for the holidays

by Loren Howarth

After so much hard work, you’ve finally finished exams and have ticked off another year of university. But now you’re left wondering how you’ll spend your summer holidays. Here are four ways to make the most of the amazing summer ahead.

Go camping 

Gather some friends or family and set up a tent somewhere that you’ve never been before. There are a great deal of fantastic holiday parks that have pools, mini golf, jumping cushions and best of all, beach access. Camping is a great way to create new memories with loved ones, as you can relax and enjoy the summer sun. My favourite locations are Foster, Umina and Soldiers Point. If the beach isn’t your thing, there are also camp sites in National parks across the state. For a free adventure, simply set up a tent in your backyard – still counts are camping, right?

Movie marathon 

Over the exam period there wasn’t much time to watch movies or catch up on your favourite TV shows. Now that you’re free, there isn’t a better time to binge watch some of your favourites with your friends. I recommended bean bags, cushions, lots of yummy snacks, and perhaps some tissues if you’re going to watch a tear-jerker or two!

Try a new hobby

With so much free time, these summer holidays are perfect for trying out a new hobby. You could dance, cook, take a photography class, or even sign up for a local sport. Not only will it be fun, you’ll meet new people and perhaps even continue the hobby over the next few years.


No matter where you live, I’m sure that there are places around you that you haven’t seen yet, but have been meaning to visit. Be a tourist in your own town! Instead of driving, why not grab a bike or put on your walking shoes. This way you’ll be exercising, all whilst discovering new places along the way that you may have missed whilst driving. Maybe even take a camera or use your phone to capture moments. Another idea is creating a summer scrapbook with these photos so you can treasure these adventures for longer.

Give back to the community 

With so much time on your hands, summer holidays are a great opportunity to volunteer. Visit your local nursing home, retirement village, the local Salvation Army or Vinnies op shop to see if you can help out. Not only will you feel good about volunteering, others will appreciate your kindness more than you know. Volunteering is a fantastic way to meet new people and is a great opportunity to learn new skills.

The possibilities are endless and new places are waiting to be explored. So get out there and enjoy your summer break!

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