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Christmas movies to get you in the festive spirit

Christmas movies to get you in the festive spirit

Polar express movie
Polar express movie

by Loren Howarth

If you’ve been busy since session two wrapped up studying, working or even just relaxing then you might not have had time to fully embrace the Christmas spirit. Your quick fix is a Christmas movie marathon. Here are four Christmas movies that will bring out your inner child and get you in the mood for Christmas.

The Nightmare before Christmas 

Produced by Tim Burton, this is a story about a boy named Jack, living in Halloween town. After getting bored of celebrating Halloween, Jack decides to take a wander through the woods. It’s there that Jack discovers a secret portal, leading him to Christmas town. After revealing the portal to the residents of Halloween town, they fail to understand the concept of Christmas. Frustrated, Jack makes it his mission to convince Halloween town to take on the Christmas tradition.

This Christmas film is like no other, which is why it’s so enjoyable.

The Polar Express

You’re never too old to watch the Polar Express. Ever.

On Christmas Eve, a young boy begins to doubt the existence of Santa Claus. However, when a train headed for the North Pole stops outside his house (The Polar Express), he starts to believe again. The train takes the young boy on an adventure of a lifetime as he steps inside the magical world of Santa Claus to meet reindeers, elves and even Santa himself.

The Polar Express is a wonderful movie, and even though it’s animated, you’ll still want to watch it again next Christmas.

Home Alone

A Christmas classic. In this film, the McCallister family prepare for their Christmas holiday to Paris. After the son (Kevin) has a fight with his older brother, he is left wishing that his family would vanish. An unfortunate ordeal occurs overnight making the McCallister family oversleep, run late for their plane trip and accidentally leave Kevin at home.

Waking up to an empty house, Kevin believes that his wish came true and enjoys his new found freedom. But he soon finds himself in trouble after he discovers two burglars are planning to rob his house on Christmas Eve. Hilarity ensues!

This movie is brilliant and entertaining, full of fun and laughter.


On Christmas Eve, an orphaned boy hides in Santa’s sack and ends up at the North Pole and gets adopted by an Elf. After growing up in the North Pole, the young boys struggles with not being able to do elf duties due to his human size. After discovering that he is human, he sets a mission to find his real parents in New York City. Struggling to understand the human way of life, he encounters new experiences as he explores a new and unknown world.

Elf is a great Christmas movie that you can enjoy with family and friends that’s sure to make you laugh.

So gather some snacks, find these movies and have yourself a Christmas movie day marathon.

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