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Five reasons why you need to study abroad

Five reasons why you need to study abroad

CSU students jumping for joy at an overseas study program
CSU Students

If you were thinking about studying overseas, here’s five reasons why you need to lock it in.

CSU Global has successfully secured more than $380,000 in New Colombo Plan funding, making its Indo-Pacific programs more accessible than ever before.

This funding means that you could have access to financial aid to study at a range of exciting locations throughout the Pacific and Asia region.

It’s time to put travel and study on your CSU bucket list, and here’s why:

You’ll have the experience of a lifetime

Just because you’re travelling with the University doesn’t mean that you will have your head in a book 24/7. You will see and experience places you have never seen before and along the way make life long memories with fellow students.

Someday you will find a job and lead a busy lifestyle, so taking this opportunity may be a once in a lifetime experience.

Your resume will look awesome

Employers value the fact you have worked and studied in a different country. It shows you are happy to step out of your comfort zone and seek new challenges. You’re also demonstrating that you’re committed to your education and career.

Your taste buds will love you

We can’t forget about the diverse food experiences you will savour each and every day. It means you’re allowed to take a break from your diet and indulge in real Italian deep dish pizza, French snails or one of the many curry dishes in Sri Lanka (depending on where you travel).

You will learn how to be independent

Travelling with people you aren’t familiar with may have you wary, however surrounding yourself with new people means you’ll form valuable connections for your future professional life. It also provides an opportunity to gain independence and prepare for graduation. Embrace this freedom and take the opportunity to learn more about yourself.

You get student discounts

Often when you’re travelling with your University you will find it much cheaper then travelling on your own! There are many ways to make travelling cheaper at uni, such as loans and grants. Taking advantage of this means you can save hard-earned casual income to spend on shopping, food and experiences instead.

The world is your oyster and grants such as the New Colombo Plan are bringing overseas travel opportunities to your doorstep. If you are considering a trip in 2017, get in touch with CSU Global to see how you can combine your study with travel. 

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