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Two female students sitting together on couch in university accommodation

Living on campus: A priceless experience

Imagine a world where you can have Taco Tuesday every day and study with your favourite people. Living on campus will give you an all-round experience of being a uni student. Here are some reasons why living on campus is a priceless experience: It...

Colourful accommodation blocks at CSU in Bathurst

5 things you didn’t know about living on-campus in Bathurst

CSU’s Bathurst campus has an extensive range of facilities, and you get access to most of them! Leisure and sporting: gym, basketball courts, tennis courts, sports fields, Ponton Theatre and common areas on all residences Food: Food Bowl, Pulse...

5 tips to make your time at uni easier

5 tips to make your time at uni easier

by Amy Carlon University can seem so overwhelming when you are starting out and since I learnt the hard way I thought as I approach the end of my degree I would lend five helpful tips that have really aided in making my time at uni easier. Socialise...

Girl holding jar full of coins for adventures

10 simple spring savings ideas

Living on a student budget can seem like a daily challenge, but with these 10 savvy savings hacks, you can enjoy the spring season with a little more coin in your pocket. 1. Make it a treat and then only on sale. Hit your campus coffee spot during...

illuminated stage lights

Why study a creative degree? – Emily Mckendry

by Amy Carlon I caught up with Emily Mckendry to find out more about the possibilities that come from studying a creative degree! What degree are you studying? I am currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Acting). Why did you...

Your mid freak-out heroes

Your mid freak-out heroes

by Amy Carlon Whether you are a current or future student, we all have our moments where we need help, plain and simple. If you’re currently freaking out about university, don’t worry, you’re not alone. To combat those feelings of anxiety and...

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NAIDOC Week 2017 celebrations in your campus city

Celebrate NAIDOC Week this July! Help celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people this week by joining a NAIDOC event near you. This year NAIDOC week runs from 2 – 9 July, with events such as...

Charles Sturt University sign out the front of campus.

Why did you choose CSU?

by Amy Carlon Students are brought together every year by making one similar choice. And that choice is to study at Charles Sturt University. But what brings everyone to CSU? Kayla Crowe (CSU graduate) – Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Design) I...

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