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10 simple spring savings ideas

10 simple spring savings ideas

Girl holding jar full of coins for adventures
Jar of money: for adventures

Living on a student budget can seem like a daily challenge, but with these 10 savvy savings hacks, you can enjoy the spring season with a little more coin in your pocket.

1. Make it a treat and then only on sale. Hit your campus coffee spot during 3pm happy hour for a $3 large caffeine fix, but restrict yourself to once a week. Invest in a travel mug and brew at home to save big bucks.
2. Try a capsule wardrobe this spring. Declutter your clothes, and pare back until you have a sleek collection of pieces that you love. Commit to not buying anything new until the summer. Instead, get creative and work with what you have.
3. Embrace free entertainment this season. Avoid the shops and hit the library, pack a picnic and do some exploring. Invite your friends over rather than always meeting out.
4. Eat at home, every night. One restaurant meal or a couple of takeways could easily equate to a week’s worth of groceries. Pasta and rice are the cheapest staples so base your meals around those and go vego for an even smaller food bill.
5. Have an at-home, spend-nothing day…. Every week. That means no car, no online ordering. No quick trips to the shops. It also means, sleep in, stay in your PJs if you want, nap in the sun, watch a movie or make up a huge pot of vegie soup to set up your week.
6. Eat breakfast for dinner, once a week. A spinach and cheese omelette with toast or even pancakes and berries and yoghurt is quick, cheap and filling.
7. Suspend that gym membership that is eating away your precious bank balance and find a way to exercise free. Find a walking track to hit or a running buddy to motivate you to lace up those sneakers. Check out the sporting facilities on your CSU campus too. For something gentler, Wagga Wagga students can enjoy free (by donation) yoga classes on Friday evenings at Divine Wellbeing
8. Buy a lunch box. Seriously. Make an extra portion at dinner and you have lunch ready to go. Make use of the student microwaves on campus to reheat that amazing risotto you whipped up last night and you won’t have to drop $10 on buying lunch every day.
9. If your budget is already tight, you might have had a go at cutting your own hair. If that is too drastic, try your local TAFE for super cheap hairdressing and beauty services. For a fraction of the usual price you can get all your extremities dealt with. Fun and frugal.
10. Drink up. Water that is. You can fancy it up with lemon or cucumber or take it hot with fresh ginger. This season, make water your go-to beverage.

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