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5 tips to make your time at uni easier

5 tips to make your time at uni easier

by Amy Carlon

University can seem so overwhelming when you are starting out and since I learnt the hard way I thought as I approach the end of my degree I would lend five helpful tips that have really aided in making my time at uni easier.


Might sound obvious but Iwas hesitant in my first year to step out and make friends, however, it is so important to surround yourself with like minded supportive people. By creating a support network during your first year at university it will really decrease your stress and benefit your studies. Holding study sessions with friends is a great way to get work done and learn from others at the same time.

Don’t forget about CSUs great new social online presence called CSUSocial! This is a great resource for on campus and online students to get in touch with others who are doing the same course as you.

Ask questions 

Your lecturers are there to help you and willing to answer your questions. It is always great to ask peers questions and help each other but if it’s something that you cannot find the answer to, your lecturer is there to help. On the first page of your subject outline, it provides you with your lecturer’s contact details and the appropriate times and methods to ask questions. I highly recommend consulting with your lecturer about your class work and assessments as it will only benefit your career in the long run.

If your questions are related to another aspect of your time at university the greatest resource I believe CSU has is Student Central where they can direct and help you with a variety of questions, such as enrolment. You can email or call however they have an extensive Knowledge base on the CSU website where many questions have already been answered.

Use the resources available 

Everything we are looking for is right in front of us! Are you in need of bulk study guides printed or an assessment? CSU Print is a great service provided by the University. CSU also provides us with so many online and physical resources to aid in our studies. The libraries have a large array of books to aid with assessments and class work but if you are an online student they also have endless online resources or a free return postage scheme if you still need hard copies.


There is no worse feeling than being overwhelmed with a load of work all at once. Although we all have our moments, whether we are being lazy or have other life commitments, planning ahead is actually more beneficial to save you time in the long run. Trust me, many of us have learned this the hard way with deadlines looming over our heads.

Something that can aid with planning is registering with workshops provided by CSU many offered online and help with, memorising, writing and referencing. Getting on top of these basic skills will make your research projects way easier and faster to complete.

Stress less

We all put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do our best but there is no reason to get yourself sick over the stress of doing well. By using the resources available to you, having a support network and asking your lecturers questions this should help reduce your stress levels.

If other life problems are impacting your time studying another great service which would really aid in your time at University is the counselling and support services provided. These sessions can be conducted in person, on the phone, via email or even over Skype.


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