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CSU Global Experience: Part Two – Why I applied for Short Term program, Korea: Traditional Medicines Research

CSU Global Experience: Part Two – Why I applied for Short Term program, Korea: Traditional Medicines Research

by Jenna Verhoeven

Before you keep reading, have you seen Part One in my CSU Global experience? It dives into how you can choose a CSU Global program that suits your life and your academic goals. After a lot of discussions with my partner, my family, and some CSU academic staff, I was ready to decide. I wanted to go to Korea (the Republic of)!

As I love lists, and I love the number seven, I have created a list of the seven top reasons why I considered and applied for this experience. Whilst some of these points are specific to the Korean experience, others may carry over into many other CSU Global experiences.

In no order, here we go!

  1. Academic credit. Some of you may be able to use this experience to count towards a subject (International Practical Experience). Not only will you have an awesome, enriching experience, but it may count towards your subject total; helping you complete your degree faster or stay on track! Other experiences may count as clinical placement hours, or even a few subjects if you are going for a session or two!
  2. KIMCHI! This experience was open to Complementary Medicine and Nutrition students, along with other faculties. Many Complementary Medicine and Nutrition students are already practicing professionals, and already know about how great kimchi is. Not just for your gut microbiome, but it is also super tasty! I cannot imagine anything better than ordering a tasty Korean BBQ and getting the honest to goodness, real kimchi on the side! BOOM! Hello happy microbiome!
  3. Resume / CV appeal. Not already practicing in the field? Not sure if you want to do postgraduate studies? Want to level up your CV? No matter which way you look at it, an international experience will really look pretty schmick on your resume or CV. International travel *check*. Worked closely with postgraduate researchers *check*. Represented CSU *check*. Worked within a team *check*. Completed self-directed tasks *check*. What future employer, or supervisor, wouldn’t be impressed by this?!
  4. I’m not sure about you, but I think the DMZ is fascinating, and important to the current global political climate. I wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity to witness something that is so sad, frustrating, and yet so relevant in our rapidly changing global community. I’m sure we could even find a way to make a really bad Run DMC pun regarding the DMZ. I’d come up with a Run DMZ pun right now, but it’s tricky! (Please let someone have understood that reference)
  5. Tax deduction. Now, this isn’t a guarantee, but depending on your field, and how your accountant works, you may be able to claim some of this experience as a work expense (providing you are already working). Winner!
  6. Being a Global Citizen, not just as a traveller, but as an academic; a game changer. I truly believe as both an academic, and perhaps working professionals, we can learn so much more from the ways that other countries conduct their education, their health care systems, and their health research.
  7. Once in a lifetime experience. How often do you get to travel to South Korea, work closely with university researchers, meet a department head at Kyung Hee, meet some of your fellow students (bonus points if you’re an online student), eat your weight in kimchi, and have it all counted towards your degree? NOT VERY OFTEN. Take the opportunity whilst it is presented!

So, what are you waiting for, a written invitation? Well, to be honest, you probably won’t get one; but in all seriousness, head on over to CSU Global and get planning and applying!

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