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CSU Global Experience: Part One – Choose your own adventure

CSU Global Experience: Part One – Choose your own adventure

by Jenna Verhoeven

I stumbled upon CSU Global one day during Session 1 of 2017. From memory, I was sitting at my computer; whilst I should have been studying, I was instead randomly searching through CSU’s Student Portal. I told myself that ‘technically’ this equated to legitimate study as I was at least still within the CSU site. I clicked into the CSU Global website and I was instantly spiralling down a wormhole that combined my love for travel, with my love for study.

But it doesn’t fit my lifestyle

As a distance student of Health Science (Complementary Medicine), who has stable job, a business, and a committed relationship, I always thought that a global experience would be ‘off the cards’ for me. My previous understanding was that you had to devote a whole session (or year!) to going somewhere overseas, to enrol in generic subjects that wouldn’t really get me anywhere specific to my course… oh how wrong I was! CSU Global has a range of programs designed to suit not just a range of degrees and areas of interest, but also a variety of experience durations.

Spiralling down the rabbit-hole

After spending hours trawling the CSU Global site, and opening a million tabs with all the external options, I finally concluded which Global Experience I wanted to participate in. At that time, the experience was not being listed for 2017. At this point, my first contact with CSU Global was made. I fired off emails to CSU Global, and to the academic last listed for the experience. Will this experience be happening this year? How can I get involved? Take my money and let’s go! In all seriousness, I was bursting at the seams!

A match made in heaven

So how do you find an experience that is suitable for you?

  1. Check out CSU Global
  2. Decide how much time you can invest; is it a couple of weeks, a summer, a session, or a whole year? Think realistically about the impact this travel will have on your life, not just your academic schedule. Do you have a pet? Are your family and loved ones supportive? Will your job be able to be ‘put on hold for you’?
  3. Work out what you want from this experience. Are you wanting academic or clinical practice credits? Are you looking to experience another culture? Are you hoping to gain/enhance skills that you already have as a professional? Whilst most of CSU Global experiences encompass these factors, it is important that you understand your drivers and motivators, to make sure you get the most from your experience.
  4. Ask around. Hit up CSU Global social media sites, read up testimonials, follow CSU blogging students from overseas, or talk directly with your course supervisor or CSU Global. The more you know about something, the better equipped you are to make the decision and commitment to a CSU Global experience.
  5. Head back to CSU Global and select that program! Don’t forget, many programs have close of application dates quite some time before you plan on heading off; so it never hurts to scout around early! Also, don’t underestimate the role that a volunteer experience or external programs can have on your transcript and CV.

So, stop wasting time reading my article, head on over to CSU Global and start seeing the world of opportunities that may be just around the corner for you!

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