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Why study a creative degree? – Emily Mckendry

Why study a creative degree? – Emily Mckendry

by Amy Carlon

I caught up with Emily Mckendry to find out more about the possibilities that come from studying a creative degree!

What degree are you studying?

I am currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Acting).

Why did you choose to study an arts degree?

First and foremost, I love acting! However, I also really wanted to experience ‘uni life’ and there were no performance institutions close to home that had what I was looking for. After researching the various university performance programs across Australia, I decided CSU was the one for me as it didn’t make me choose between stage and screen acting – instead I got to do both!

How do you stay motivated to study?

I’ll be honest, I really struggle with studying. The one thing that gets me through it is that throughout all of my subjects I am able to find elements that stir my creativity and therefore interest me. After all, I am doing what I love. A nice hot chocolate and mac ‘n’ cheese are also the best study buddies.

What is the key thing you have learned so far from your degree?

To work, work, work, and WORK! It doesn’t matter if you’re a child prodigy, you can always improve. This is particularly important with creative collaborations. If you haven’t done your part and don’t know exactly what you’re doing then the whole production can fall apart. Absolutely everyone being on the ball is crucial for a good performance.

Where do you hope to go in the future?

When I graduate I’d love to act in film and TV in Australia with the odd stage musical thrown in. The eventual aim is to make the big move to the States and see what happens! My main goal is to be able to support myself through my acting.

Would you recommend this course to other inspiring actors?

100%. I love how I get to act for both stage and screen and I especially love the collaborative process. I don’t just get to focus on the be-all and end-all of acting, I get to see and experience the immense work that designers and proddies (production students) put into what an audience will see, and they, in turn, get to see the process that actors undertake in constructing believable characters. I believe this is an invaluable knowledge and respect to have in the industry.

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