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Why study a creative degree? – Emily Mckendry

by Amy Carlon I caught up with Emily Mckendry to find out more about the possibilities that come from studying a creative degree! What degree are you studying? I am currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Acting). Why did you...

Why study an arts degree? – Amy Randell

Why study an arts degree? – Amy Randell

by Amy Carlon Third year art student, Amy Randell gave me the run down on why she loves studying creative art and design at CSU and what she hopes to do with her degree in the future: What degree are you studying? Bachelor of Creative Arts and...

Hot Tips for History Students

History is one of the most popular majors for Arts students, and has a pretty loyal following among Education students – with good reason. It encompasses human nature, politics, ethics, pretty much everything that has ever happened AND you get...

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Things you CAN do with an Arts Degree

As I recently discovered on a night out, while minding my own business might I add, that the hardest part of doing an arts degree is fielding all of the questions about what you’re going to do with it and why you are ‘wasting your...

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