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Your mid freak-out heroes

Your mid freak-out heroes

by Amy Carlon

Whether you are a current or future student, we all have our moments where we need help, plain and simple. If you’re currently freaking out about university, don’t worry, you’re not alone. To combat those feelings of anxiety and ultimately ‘calm your farm’, here are a few resources available to you as a CSU student to help make uni life a breeze.

Student mentoring

This is a volunteer service offered to all first-year students. You’ll be assigned a student mentor who you can ask any questions about uni. They’ll regularly send check-up emails to see how you’re travelling, along with any advice. I highly recommend this service if you’re feeling a little anxious about your first year, or you just need some extra support and guidance from a fellow student.

Residential tutors

A similar service is the residential tutors offered on campus. If you’re living on campus this is a great service provided by the University. This is a program where fellow students are hired to aid your studies. They’ll conduct weekly study sessions on campus so that you can ask questions regarding uni.

ALLaN advisers

The ALLaN (Academic Literacy, Learning and Numeracy) Team provides students with a free support service, seven days a week, online or on campus. This is an amazing service I used a great deal in my first year. The ALLaN advisers are ideal if you need direction to improve your work and life skills, and you can even get assignment feedback before you submit. Just make an appointment or jump online to see what they can do for you.

Student Central

Student Central is an amazing service for all of your general enquiries. Plus, they respond extremely fast. Even if you’re just looking for another number or service info or need a new student card, they’ll have the answer or point you in the right direction.

Student counselling

Sometimes life throws curve balls; uni work alongside finding your feet in your new life can be hard. If you’re struggling with any element of university or other life-related circumstance, get in touch with the student counselling services, they’re always up for a chat.

Your time at university is meant to be enjoyable and rewarding, so try not to forget to have fun along the journey.





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