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Your mid freak-out heroes

Your mid freak-out heroes

by Amy Carlon Whether you are a current or future student, we all have our moments where we need help, plain and simple. If you’re currently freaking out about university, don’t worry, you’re not alone. To combat those feelings of anxiety and...

Indigenous Student Success: Be the best you can be

If you’re an Indigenous Student at CSU, listen up! CSU’s Indigenous Student Success Program (ISSP), formally known as ITAS, is here to support your success throughout the course of your studies. Why should you get involved with the ISSP? There are...

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Tutoring experiences and changes

I’m Lyn, a student at CSU studying the M. Education (Knowledge Networks & Digital Innovation) via Distance Education. In 1998, I was employed as a tutor for the Batchelor Institute, Northern Territory – a tertiary college for Indigenous students...

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