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Indigenous Student Success: Be the best you can be

Indigenous Student Success: Be the best you can be

If you’re an Indigenous Student at CSU, listen up!

CSU’s Indigenous Student Success Program (ISSP), formally known as ITAS, is here to support your success throughout the course of your studies.

Why should you get involved with the ISSP? There are plenty of reasons, and we took a sneak peek at some of our incredible student’s success progress and found out firsthand how they are benefiting from the program.

What does ISSP involve?

  • Weekly tutoring: Up to two hours per week, per subject, free of charge! Get help with your writing, referencing, time management and understanding of subject content. No more cram sessions or “pulling an all-nighter” because we have hands on tutors ready to support you through your work load.
  • Access to Learning Advisers: Experienced Learning Advisers will guide you and provide you with constructive feedback on any of those tricky essays and other tough assignments you may have throughout your degree.
  • Access to Study Centres: CSU Study Centres are located in both regional and metropolitan areas. Take a look at the CSU website to see if there is a study centre near you.
  • Referrals to other CSU programs: There is no stopping here, participating in the ISSP will connect you with other CSU programs that will be beneficial to you and your future! Get involved, it will open up many doors!

If you want to know more or would like to be a part of the ISSP, visit the Indigenous Student Success Program website for an application form or contact Shaarn Hayward on

With the largest number of Indigenous enrolments nationally, CSU is ensuring you receive the highest level of support across all academic disciplines.

Let’s work together to turn your P’s into HD’s!

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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